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Kubernetes Networking: CNI & Network Policies
In this webinar, Oleg, CTO at Kublr, will show how Kubernetes (K8s) networking stack works, describe main components, interfaces, and extensibility options.

On the menu:
- General notions of K8s networking - Pods & Network Policies
- Implementation of K8s networking - CNI, CNI plugins, & Linux network namespaces
- Some K8s CNI providers: Calico, Weave, Flanel, & Canal
- K8s networking extensibility for advanced & “exotic” use-cases with Multus CNI plugin as an example

Kubernetes (K8s) is a powerful, flexible, and portable open-source framework for distributed containerized applications delivery and management. An essential part of the services provided by most Kubernetes clusters is the containers’ networking stack. In most cases and for many applications, it “just works,” but this seeming simplicity is backed by a complex stack of technologies that provide many capabilities beyond the basics.

Oct 21, 2021 06:00 PM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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